Tiny Mite CHihuahuas


Welcome to Tiny Mite Chihuahuas

About Our Kennel...
 Tiny Mite Chihuahuas began in 1952, making us breeders of chihuahuas for OVER 64 years!
  We are located in Zeeland, on Michigan’s west coast area.  All dogs are shipped out of Grand Rapids.
  We have both short and long coat chihuahuas.  
  We also specialize in top quality chocolate tri-color, chocolate and tan, and white and chocolate.  Most of our chocolates are long coats. 
  Many of our blood lines are from our own breeding stock developed over the years.
  Our pedigrees carry some of the Dartan line.
 Our first champions were finished in 1972.  Since then, we have finished close to one hundred champions.  
 Mr. Jim Lehman has  professionally            handled our dogs since 1980. Jim has become part of the TIny Mite Chihuahua family.
  All of our dogs are AKC registered and we breed chihuahuas exclusively.
  Our dog kennel is inspected by the county, state and AKC.  

Our reputation has been built on honesty and integrity.  

You are welcome to e-mail us,
the “Tiny Mite Chi” e-mail account 
is checked only once or twice a week.



For fastest information... 

Robert L. DeJonge

*Phone- 616-688-5851

    *Questions about chihuahuas? We will be glad to share our knowledge and experience raising this unique breed.

*Lifetime membership of the Chihuahua Club of Michigan.

*Member of the Chihuahua Club of America for 44 years.